Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fireworks & yoga

As I mentioned in my last post, Sunday was Bastille Day, France’s national holiday. A 20-minute fireworks show over the Loire River began at 11pm (yes, quite the late night for our students!). Many students went with their host families, some watching from across the river, others along the bridge, and others from high up near the château. Before and after, there was a live concert with a group playing all the "classic" French songs. We (the instructors) ran into a couple families and students, and they seemed to be having a really good time! 

For sports yesterday, we were once again lucky to have a student lead a group activity! This time, Rachel led a yoga workshop for all the students, circulating during exercises to demonstrate and teach proper form.  At the end, she had all the students hold a plank position to see who cold hold the longest.  Meaghan lasted the longest amongst the girls, even having some peers gather around her to encourage her!  As for the guys, we had to cut it off after 3 minutes – they looked like they could have gone on for much much longer – and declared a three-way tie between Will, Calvin, and Luis. 

It must have been Calvin and Luis’s day because after yoga, they swept away the win during our badminton tournament, beating Kelly in the final round.

Right now the theatre and choir groups are practicing for the farewell show, which is one week from today! Tomorrow we’ll be heading to L’Île de Ré to enjoy the sun (fingers crossed!) for our last excursion. Kelly and I chose out volleyballs to take to the beach, in addition to the frisbee that a student has. If the weather stays like it has been every day the past couple weeks, it’s promising to be a great beach day!

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